Aloe Extra With Ginger

Aloe Extra with Ginger

Aloe Extra is also made with Aloe Ferox, Spirulina and Ginger Root Extract. This nutrient rich supplement contains multiple herbal powders and extracts designed as a wellness booster. 


Aloe Ferox - Boosts Immune system, Lowers Cholesterol,  has anti-inflammatory effects, and reduces the effects of diabeties.

Spirulina - Reduces Anxiety, Boosts Metabolism, Increases Energy, Improves Digestion and Helps Reduce Pain Sensitivity.

Ginger Root Extract - Lowers Blood Pressure, Fights Colds and Flu, Helps Relieves Digestive Issues, Natural Anti- Inflammatory.

How to use:
Dilute 50ml of Aloe in 100ml -150ml of water. Drink once or twice a day


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