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BUCHU with Green Tea

BUCHU with Green Tea

This Anti-Oxidant rich formulation brings together the health benefits of detoxifying herbs. Dandelion , Tumeric, Black Walnut and Ginger to help detoxify and aid in nutrient absorption in the gut.


Dandelion- Boosts Immune System, Lowers Cholesterol, Reduces inflammation, Aids in weight loss, Provides Anti-Oxidants.

Buchu - Treats Colds and Flu, Helps Prevent Dry Skin Eczema, Relieves poor digestion, constipation and bloating, Lowers Blood Pressure and Promotes a Healthy  Cardiovascular System.

Green Tea Powder -  Boosts Metabolism, Burns Calories, Stimulates Smooth Digestion, Rich in Anti-Oxidants and Detoxifies the Body.

How to use:
Dilute 50ml of Aloe in 100ml -150ml of water. Drink once or twice a day


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